Organizational Development, Capacity Building and Strategic Planning
Grants Program Strategy (Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District)
Conservation Organization Sustainability Initiative (S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation)
California Vision and Implementation Plan (The Trust for Public Land)
Tamalpais Lands Collaborative Five-Year Strategy
(Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy (GGNPC))
Mother Lode Land Trust Capacity Building and Strategic Plan (Mother Lode Land Trust)
Diabetes Youth Families Strategic Plan (Diabetes Youth Families)
Solano Land Trust Organizational Strategic Plan (Solano Land Trust)
Mojave Desert Land Trust Strategic Plan (Mojave Desert Land Trust) 
Board Assessment and Recommendations (Tri-Valley Conservancy)

Conservation and Resource Management Planning
Alcatraz Island Bird Conservation and Management Strategy (GGNPC) 
Coastal Trail Enhancement and Restoration Project  (GGNPC) 
Solano County Agricultural Conservation Easement Plan (Solano Land Trust) 
Merced River Plan EIS: Recreation and Wilderness (Yosemite National Park)
Marin County Parks and Open Space Master Plan (County of Marin)
Berkeley Citywide Pools Master Plan - Contract Project Manager (City of Berkeley)
California Desert Conservation Vision (Mojave Desert Land Trust)
San Francisco Watershed Management Plans (San Francisco Water Department/SFPUC)
BRBNA Conservation Vision and Framework (BRBNA Conservation Partnership)
Archer Taylor Preserve Resource Management Plan (Land Trust of Napa County)

Research, Assessment and Evaluation
Forming and Sustaining Regional Stewardship Collaborations: Lessons Learned
(California Council of Land Trusts (CCLT))
Conservation Horizons: California’s Growth Trends (CCLT)
Renewable Energy Decision-making Tool: User Research (The Nature Conservancy)
Partnership Case Study: Tamalpais Lands Collaborative (GGNPC)
Parks for People Stewardship Evaluation (The Trust for Public Land)
Community Opinion Gathering: Trail Use and Trends (Tri-Valley Conservancy)
Community Process Evaluation: Parks for People Program (The Trust for Public Land)
Preventing Sprawl: Sonoma County Land Use Audit(Greenbelt Alliance/Farm Bureau) 

Facilitation and Community Engagement
Leadership Team Retreat (The Trust for Public Land)
Public Workshop Facilitation (GGNRA)
Building a Regional Promise Program (Los Rios Community College District)
Green Vision: Conservation Vision for San Francisco Bay Area Region (BAOSC/Greenbelt Alliance)
Pacific Gas and Electric Energy Efficiency Focus Groups (PG&E)

Stott Planning Associates
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